What Makes A Good Commercial Cleaning Company Over A Bad One?

Let’s face it. It’s happened to everyone of us if we have ever employed a commercial cleaner to take care of our office cleaning or to do our property maintenance. It’s just a fact of life and really, it’s not a biggie. There are plenty of commercial cleaning companies out there. What is it though that makes one cleaning company better than another? Is it that one has better cleaning techniques than another or is it more to do with the attitude of the staff that they might employ?

It doesn’t take much skill for example to push a vacuum cleaner around in a commercial property. Nor does it take much skill to swish a toilet brush around in a bowl. What it does take is the proper attitude. Anyone can vacuum carpet. Anyone can clean a toilet bowl. What sets a lot of good cleaners apart from bad cleaners is their attitude. Let me explain. In all commercial cleaning jobs, to vacuum and clean toilets is a must. If the cleaner has the attitude that near enough is good enough, then they wont last very long in the job.

Their attitude should be that if they get paid to do a specific task, they do it to the best of their abilities and to the standard that is required by the commercial cleaning company as well as the client. I have seen far too many cleaners over the years try and get away with cutting corner after corner in the hope of being able to get away early for whatever reasons. Some have the attitude that ‘I don’t want to be here, I hate this job’. Well, so be it then. I fired people like that because it ended up costing me money and sometimes the commercial cleaning contract as well. Not worth the price.

A good office cleaning company will always put the client over a lazy cleaner that they might have unfortunately employed.

You have a lot going on. Running a business isn’t easy, and hiring a big cleaning company with high-overhead doesn’t make things any easier. When you add in the need to manage multiple cleaning vendors it can be like running an unofficial HR department, and that’s when you start to notice the pain.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to sacrifice quality and consistency to find certainty and control in your process.

Priority Commercial Cleaning is a local Baltimore commercial cleaning company offering consistent, reliable and responsive commercial cleaning. We know our clients — we know their businesses — we make it work with them — we make it all easy for them — we cultivate long-term partnerships with our clients that save them time and money — we take the headaches

Priority Commercial Cleaning
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